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From the 2011 Global Summit of Women

Presentations by:

Hon. Maki Esther Ortiz Dominguez, Deputy Minister of Health (Mexico) on Mexico’s experience in combating cervical cancer during Summit’s Closing Ceremony. Click here to see the Presentation

Elizabeth BenhamPresident of International Federation of Business and Professional Women, a partner of the Global Consortium of Women to End Cervical Cancer, on their efforts to inform their members on cervical cancer issue.

Peer Schatz, CEO, QIAGEN, during Plenary session on Corporate Social Responsibility. Click here to see the Presentation

Pledge from:

European Professional Women’s Network to join Global Consortium of Women to End Cervical Cancer, made by Ana Garcia Fau, CEO, Yell Publicidad and President, European Professional Women’s Network-Spain

From the 2010 Global Summit of Women

At the Closing Ceremonydedicated to topic “Leading Cervical Cancer Prevention”:

H.E. Selma Kikwete, First Lady of Tanzania on her country’s efforts.

Hon. Meng Xiaosi, Vice Chair, All China Women's Federation on China’s pilot
screening program.

Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Uganda on her country’s initiatives.

Yang Lan, Co-Founder & CEO, Sun Media (China) on her media company’s
education initiative on cervical cancer prevention.

Sara Lyle, Board Member, Tamika and Friends (USA) and Cervical Cancer advocate on the need to engage everyone, click here to view presentation.

At the Ministerial Roundtable:

Speech given by Victor Chu, President, Qiagen Asia Pacific.



To learn about the Global Consortium of Women to End Cervical Cancer speeches and pledges made during the 2009 Global Summit of Women in Santiago, Chile, click here.